Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meet the Cooker Monsters....

Welcome to the Cooker Monsters! We're Mimi & Fifi.... no, those are NOT our names... and we love to cook.... and EAT! We're a pair of girls who like the nice things in life - good food, good men (!! yup, we found them and married them!!), lots of shoes and clothes and travel.....

Thanks to a coincidental move to a different city, Fifi (and Serenity - her Significant Other!) had Mimi as a (more-or-less-permanent!) housemate! A strange arrangement that resulted in lots of mayhem and laughter and many forays together into cooking up a great meal !!

Mimi is known for her mad "get-rich-quick" schemes which included writing a book together, selling our completely mental home videos to Google (a la Charlie bit my finger) and a million others!
On a more serious note, Mimi is a sucessful entrepreneur and a partner in an e-learning company!

Fifi is temperamental and extremely accident-prone (especially around Mimi!!). Fifi enjoys single-malts, the company of other crazy people and is an internet - junkie. She is the widely recognised Queen of the land of Faux Pas! She has a mental age of 6 years which she shamelessly allows Mimi and Serenity to pamper! She is a Communication Designer specialising in Spatial Design.

Together, we are the Cooker Monsters! We cook, we eat, we laugh and we love. We hope you're around to enjoy the ride with us! 

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