Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Re-inventing the wheel....

So yeah! In the few short days that "Cookie Monsters" has been up, we've gone through 3 template changes. Now, you COULD attribute that to the fact that 2 women run this blog.... but the fact is, that no matter how fancy and awesome a "dynamic" template looks, doesn't mean that it won't have glitches. In our case, the template refused to post any comments!!

Since the blog came up, we've had 1 person write in with feedback and suggestions, which we both plan to implement..... Thank you Kavita.... and then we figured that the comments section just doesn't work.... so we ditched the fancy-shmancy and went back to a basic template.... and now IT WORKS!!!

So do let us know what you think..... or if you want us to try out and post something special.... Mimi's Tarte Tatin answers Kavita's recipe query. We're open to trying anything - after all, we DO have our respective guinea-pigs to try these on!! We may take a day or two to try out recipe requests (always depending on how the pantry is looking, of course!!) but we will try and make it!

Bon Appetit from Mimi & Fifi !!

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