Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fried Rice....

This is a quick stiry fry type of recipe....back home with fifi and serenity...I would often make pasta and oriental whilst fifi is the bakes,hearty pork chops and sweet somethings station here goes my quickly make and quickly eat fried rice....
 Ingredients:  Half an onion finely chopped (medium)
2cloves of garlic minced
1 egg
Any crunchy soft vegetable ( pak choy, iceberg lettuce, sugarsnap)
If using meat or prawn then precooked meat chicken or prawn (u can flash fry the chicken beef or prawn prior) Soy sauce about a tsp depending on the kind of soy sauce used.
Pre cooked rice
Half table spoon oil

Get the pan real hot and add oil....then add the onions...once these are pale and translucent add the garlic....stir fry and before the garlic changes colour add the egg and stir such that it scrambles. Once the egg is fully cooked...add your meat or seafood. Once this has been incorporated add the veg and once the veggie is bright green add the rice....stir quickly make a well within the rice and add soy sauce.....once incorporated remove from heat and sprinkle salt if necessary.the whole stir fry should not take more than 3 to  minutes. Bon Appetit from Mimi !!

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